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Computer and proramming
Before we talk about programming, let's talk about computer

Develop a program

Install the IDE
Hello World! Your first program
Create our first Java program

Hellow World! code explained line by line
Print text to standard output

Print exercise

Getting information from standard input

Hello World! to John Doe

A little bit about Objects

Variables and data types


Declare variables and assign their values

Variable assignment excercise

Compound assignments

Compound assignment excercise

Comments - Messages to developers like you

Naming Conventions - Guidlines for giving your stuffs good names

Write a program to swap the values of two numbers

Write a fahrenheit to celsius converter

Basic Math
Let's do some elementary school math (With Java!)

Java's math library

Math library excercise

Make Decisions
Three types of control statements

The Boolean data type - true or false?

Boolean value excercicise

if, single selection statement

Is John Doe an adult?

Three types of selection statements

if...else.., double selection statement

Is John Doe an adult or a child?

Did you pass the exam?

Ternary operator

Write a program to determine if a number is an even or odd number

Nested if...else... statement

What is your grade? (Nested if...else... statement version)

if...else if... statement

What is your grade? (if...else if... statement version)

How much tax should you pay?

switch, multiple selection statement

If the first day of week is Sunday, how about the 2nd, the 3rd day and so on?

Logical operators

Find the biggest number among 3 numbers

Create a simple calculator

Run the loop
Repetition Statements

Counter controled loop and the unary operator

Unary operator excercise

Prefix and postfix unary operator

Write a program to calculate the factorial of a given number

Write a program to check if a given number is a prime number

Write a program to generate fabonacci series of a given number

Loop header elements are optional

Omit loop header excercise

While loop, the typical condition controled loop

Write a program to count the number of digits

Write a program to reverse a given number

do...while.. loop excercise

Calculate average score at run time

Object Oriented Programming (A)
In Java, everything is an object

Data fields are an object's attributes, Methods are what an object can do

Method header and method body

Construct an object

The new and dot operators

Access modifiers

Data encapsulation

Write a program to model a circle

The Instance of a class

this reference - a reference to itself

Default values of the data fields

The Bank Account Simulator Project (1)

Introduction to text strings

Basic string methods

String is imutable

Write a program to convert a String to snake case

String methods

The string builder

Create an expression calculator

Introduction to arrays

Declare and initialize an array

Declare and initialize array excercise

Array initializer excercise

Analize array's default values

Looping through array elements

Write a program to sum array elements

Write a program to reverse an array

Enhanced for loop

Enhanced for loop excercise

Arrays class

Arrays class excercise

Passing an array as a parameter

Write a program to simulate rolling dice and analyze probability

Write a program to generate fortune cookie tickets

Linear search

Binary search

Array List

Array List Excercise

Object Oriented Programming (B)
Assign an object to a variable

Garbage collection

Calling a method

Local Variables

Passing parameters to a method

Pass array or array element?

Exception Handling

Write a program to count the number of digits (with Exception Handling)

The Bank Account Simulator Project (2)

Static variables

Instance method vs. static method

Alien Fighters

Scope of variables

The Bank Account Simulator Project (3)